Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about out products:

Why are the products predominantly white?
White reflective materials typically have the highest retroreflectivity values, meaning they are the most effective at reflecting light, and thus best seen by drivers.

We have measured the materials with a device called retroreflectometer to make sure they are as good as the manufacturer claims, and meet the official retroreflectivity standards in Europe and US. If a material of a different color has been used, this has been done knowingly, usually in order to add visual appeal.

Do the Visibel products glow in the dark? I don't want to walk around like a glowing ghost.
The Visibel Reflective Accessories do not use glow in the dark technology. Instead, they use what is called retroreflectivity in technical terms. This means that the reflectors only become “lit up” when a light source hits them. This effect is much like the white paint markings on streets and highways, which only reflect back in vehicle headlights.
Where should I fasten the reflective accessories?
Looking at it in technical terms, it is best to fasten reflective items at about knee height. However, any reflector anywhere is always better than no reflector. Some typical and convenient spots for the brooches might be: the lower edge of a coat, pocket of a coat, collar of a coat, hat, scarf, canvas bag. While the sleeve of a coat also seems like a logical place, the brooch may actually be in your way when fastened there, and too easily rub against other people in public transportation. It’s up to you to try and decide.

The pendants are typically fastened to a handbag. Most handbags have metal loops, or if no loops, then handles, which are convenient for fastening a pendant.

Why are the Visibel accessories so large?
The size has to do with the European standards for pedestrian reflectors. 
Tips for selecting a matching pendant for your bag
A simple way to ensure that the bag and pendant work well together visually, is to match the hardware on the bag to the color of the metal part of the pendant.