October 1st – Reflector Day in Finland

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Did you know that in Finland, pedestrian reflector wear is deemed important enough to warrant a special day dedicated to it? Beginning in 2013, October 1st is now being celebrated as Reflector Day or Heijastinpäivä in Finland each year. This is an initiative by the Finnish Road Safety Administration, Liikenneturva. Different activities are scheduled all over the country, such as campaigns to test the efficacy of personal reflectors, as they do wear out after some time, and some do not meet standards to begin with. Free reflectors are given out to school children in many places, and educational activities are organized. There are “Reflector Fairies” and “Reflector Wizards” on the move to entertain kids. “Reflector Crazes” or parties are held. Join the party by getting your own, currently on Kickstarter