MAKE HEARTS RACE (by not wearing a reflector)

However, should you decide otherwise, there is a great selection of reflectors available at

October 1st – Reflector Day in Finland

Did you know that in Finland, pedestrian reflector wear is deemed important enough to warrant a special day dedicated to it? Beginning in 2013, October 1st is now being celebrated as Reflector Day or Heijastinpäivä in Finland each year. This … Read More

Reflector in different languages

Ανακλαστήρας /anaklastí̱ras (Greek) Heijastin (Finnish) Helkur (Estonian) Réflecteur (French) Reflex (Swedish) Reflectante (Spanish) Riflettore (Italian) Фликер/Fliker (Russian), also Светоотражател/Svetootrazhatel or just Oтражател

Reasons to wear reflectors as a pedestrian

You might recall the concepts of “Thinking distance” and “Stopping distance” from your driving test. Consider this: in a typical city environment, while driving with low beams at 30 mph (50 km/h), a car will move 150 feet (50 meters) … Read More

NYPD to pedestrians: wear bright clothing and carry a flashlight

(But we are convinced there is a better way!) In November of last year, a great deal of buzz was generated by the New York Police Department and their postings, which urged people to take all kinds of precautions when … Read More

Reflectors in Traffic – A Brief History

…From Cars To Bikes, From Pavement To Pedestrians Long before it occurred to anybody to use reflectors for increasing the visibility and safety of pedestrians, reflectors were used on vehicles: automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, and even horse-drawn carriages. Reflectors developed out … Read More

Four Reasons Why Pedestrians Are Difficult to Notice in the Dark

As a driver, there is hardly anything scarier than narrowly missing a pedestrian who obviously thought you can see them as well as they can see your car. These dark figures seem to appear out of nowhere and move about … Read More


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