Way back in 2010 or so, a group of women went for a regular evening jog. One of them was wearing a hair band with a plastic attachment adorned with a few fake plastic diamonds. Chatting away, one of the ladies noticed that the hair band was shimmering in the head lights of passing cars, and effectively acting as a reflector, albeit not a very effective one. Since this happened in the autumn darkness of Northern Europe, all of the women were wearing reflectors anyway. This is common practice in this part of the world, and even required by law in a couple of countries.

Later, the owner of the hair band started pondering over what had just happened. Not being a terribly quick person to act on thoughts, but also being busy with plenty of other things in her life, like having a baby, the thought took a few good years to develop and mature. Judging by what people around her said, the need was there: reflectors that would look good enough to wear so you’d want to wear them, and furthermore something to wear even with a classical wool coat, hand bag or briefcase. More like accessories, really. Finally, here are the first few Visibel Reflective Accessories which you can use to spice up your outfit and which help you stay safe in traffic at the same time.


The Hair Band Woman

Founder of Visibel Reflective Accessories